• New generation Idleright system is designed to reduce engine wear, greatly extending the service life of vehicles
  • Ideal for vehicles that run light bars for extended periods of time while the vehicle is parked
  • System is designed to reduce fuel consumption, greatly reducing operation expenses up to 80%
  • New universal approach works with existing aftermarket starter technologies
  • Installation is greatly simplified, reducing cost and complexity
  • IR-1002 system is compatible with aftermarket remote starters that are equipped with a negative or positive "activation input". some manufactures for reference: Avital, Clifford, Python and VIPER.
  • Contact your remote start installer to determine if a interface module is available for your specific vehicle. if interface is not available, then an additional aftermarket remote start system is required.
  • Not compatible with vehicle manufacturer (OEM) remote start systems.

IdleRight 2 - Vehicle Fuel Management System Control Module - New Generation

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